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Daoc berserker guide
Daoc berserker guide

Daoc berserker guide

Download Daoc berserker guide

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daoc berserker guide

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Class: Berserker. Melee Damage. What do you guys think of that spec ? or is hammer - leftQ: Berserker Realm ability skills14 posts29 Mar 2005Berserk spec9 posts3 Sep 2004More results from forums.freddyshouse.comUthgard DAOC: Midgard Class Class Guide. Okay, I think my new toon is going to be a 'zerker. Any suggestions on how to spec him? My old 'zerk was specced hammer and LA for RvR Character Builder - Berserker. The spec we discussed though as a RR11 Berserker was going 30/30 DAOC-Bodyguardsback-Lone Enforcer Berserker-RR11L6Berserker Zerk Template31 posts25 Apr 2012Berserker Molvik Zerk temp31 posts23 Apr 2012More results from www.postcount.netUthgard • View topic - Berserker › Forum › Realm Forums › MidgardCachedSimilarFeb 10, 2010 - 15 posts - ?4 authorsUthgard, a classic Dark Age of Camelot freeshard reviving good old times. I've been searching on forums for a Berserker spec thread for aBerserker template question.11 posts30 Oct 2011Hunter/berserker question!15 posts24 Oct 2011Need help on lvling/50 rvr spec for shaman10 posts23 Oct 2011Never played DaoC so would like some advice.15 posts22 May 2011More results from uthgard.netSavage or Berserker? | IGN Boards - › › Dark Age of Camelot › YwainCachedSimilarNov 15, 2011 - 33 posts - ?9 authorsI'm maybe not a big fan of the Savagery line, but with regards to weapon spec how would you compare savage to zerk? legacyAccount, Nov 15 60+ items - Patrons of Modi, the Norse god of battle-rage, Berserkers areLevel.NamePrerequisite.Effect.2.SplitfrostSplitter.Bleeding, 8 damage/ tick, 20s duration.4.CleaveYou parry.16% Attack Speed Debuff, 20s duration.Berserker Weapons Spec | The FreddysHouse › › Dark Age of Camelot › Ywain › MidgardCachedSimilarApr 19, 2006 - 25 posts - ?18 authors I had started me a Thidranki zerker, im Dwarf and atm speced: Sword - Left axe. Share this spec: Dec 2, 2005 - Berserkers have the ability to drive themselves into a battle rage that lets English; Berserker's Guide by Kharon 02.12.02 (updated); LightRace: Trolls are considered the best racial choice for most melee classes due to their extremely high STR stat. Norse are Patrons of Modi, the Norse god of battle-rage, Berserkers are light tanks who eschew The best way i have found to spec is Classes of Dark Age of Camelot.
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